Red Cross celebrates World Water Day 2016

o celebrate and commemorate World Water Day this year, Vanuatu Red Cross with the support of the IFRC, Australian Red Cross and French Red Cross organised an activity with Vila North Primary School children from five different classes. This year’s theme was “Water and Jobs”.

Source: Xavier Watt, Vanuatu Red Cross

Vanuatu Red Cross Staff and volunteers divided themselves evenly amongst the children to implement some activities. The activities were structured to positively increase people’s awareness of the importance of water in all aspects of life and it's potential to change lives, jobs and entire societies. It also aims to highlight how water can create paid and decent work while contributing to a greener economy and sustainable development.

Source: Xavier Watt, Vanuatu Red Cross

Timena Tosiro a class 5A said that “We need water every day for watering the plants, we need water every day to drink, we need water every day for our bath, we need water every day to wash and to cook, finally we need water every day because it is very important to our life.” Prizes were given to each of the five classrooms and an afternoon refreshment was shared together with the school children and teachers.

The deputy Principle to Vila North School in his final remarks stated that the school will work together with Vanuatu Red Cross Society in future activities and programs that may arise.