France - "Action Humanitaire" in Santo schools

French Government Contribution to Ambae humanitarian Response Plan.

Port Vila, 13 July  2018 —The French Government, has contributed to Ambae humanitarian Response plan, by funding and  delivering  50 cartons and bags of Non Food Items (NFI) to  Bombua High School and Londua  academic school  in Santo .

This contribution has been implemented through French Red Cross based in Port Vila to support Vanuatu government to manage natural disaster aftermaths.

Londua  is one of the school on Ambae that is being relocated to Bombua High School at Banban Area  on Santo, with over 90 students and staffs.

Since the arrival of Londua students and staffs at the site, it prompted Bombua school administration to create plans and developments to cater for the needs of the school.

It’s been one month since Londua relocation, students and staffs are facing difficulties on having a flow supply of water in the compound – a challenge that Vanuatu Red Cross delegation picked up during its recent visits in Santo.

Thanks to French Red Cross, a partner to VRCS, that agreed to offer its assistance to these schools  by fixing the water supply Solar system,  in addition, with Non Food items such as 10 tarpaulins, 10 sleeping mats, 10 kitchen sets, 10 Jerry cans, and 10 boxes of Hygiene Kits, all valued at over 500,000 vatu.

The donations and assistance given by French Red Cross, with the support of Vanuatu Red Cross to the schools were witnessed by a visit from the French Government delegation from New Caledonia, led by the Minster of Education Helene Yekawe, accompanied by Louis Arssac – Charge de cooperation et action culturelles from French Embassy in Vanuatu. The French delegation was surprised to see the Bombua School building conditions, as well as tents used for accommodations, classrooms, temporary ablutions, for staffs and students.

This stopover of an hour at Bombua School  have triggered special attention of  the French Government Delegation from New Caledonia, of which could be  included in future  “Operation Castor” under the Development aid program for Vanuatu.