Since July 2015, the Red Cross (Vanuatu Red Cross Society and French Red Cross) has been implementing a 36-month development program: Supporting Community Planning 3 in more than 20 communities in Torba and Malampa provinces that will benefit more than 5,000 people.

The objective of this program is to improve community resilience to natural disasters risks. It includes many actions: CBDRR (Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction), WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), and shelter improvement.

At the end of the project, community members’ living conditions will be improved in a sustainable manner by strengthening resilience to natural disaster risks.

Akhamb, 20 of February 2017

Photo by Remy Marcelin (FRC)

Photo by Remy Marcelin (FRC)

During monitoring mission of the new Rain Water Harvesting System (RWHS) in Akhamb, Red Cross team visited a construction site.
Community members were working all together to build a new RWHS.
They had brought wood pole from the forest for the roof structure and they were using tools and materials provided by the project (sheet metal for the roof, gutter, tank, cement, etc.).
Red Cross also provided technical support for a good and durable construction.

Our team went to speak with the workers and asked them to describe what they were doing and what it would change for them.

Maksi – he was working on the construction                site. Photo by Remy Marcelin (FRC)

Maksi – he was working on the construction                site. Photo by Remy Marcelin (FRC)

The name of this village is Lombeniar. Lombeniar is a small village in the community of Akhamb and it has 6 households with about 30 people. We use the small white rain water tank behind me but during the dry session we run out of water because there is so little rainwater. But now we are very lucky to have a big water tank that Red Cross and USAID funded. At the moment, the work is in progress to complete the water tank installation. It will  very much help the people in our community to survive. That’s all. Thank you very much.

*The small white water tank was a 1000L (with an 8m2 roof) and the new one is a 5000L with a 50m2 roof.

Whilst the men were working to complete the construction of shelter, we also had the opportunity to talk to some women and girls in Lombeniar who shared their thoughts and feelings about the project.

Serah Skonaur, Lias Yakenson, Naomi John Bill (we can see the small white water tank behind). Photo by Remy Marcelin (FRC)

Serah Skonaur, Lias Yakenson, Naomi John Bill
(we can see the small white water tank behind). Photo by Remy Marcelin (FRC)

We are so happy to have a new shelter and a new water tank in our area. Before, we used to share the small water tank and it was not enough for everyone, especially during dry seasons and disaster times. Leias Yakenson

I am so happy too to have a new shelter and a new rain water tank in our area; in the past I had to travel a long distance to collect water with my kids for daily use. Now we all feel relieved to have this new tank: it will save us a lot of time and energy to do other chores at home. Naomi Bill

Now our children will have adequate safe and drinking water to use every day. This new tank has a first flush that removes debris and only clean water goes inside the tank. It is very interesting to see and learn about how to collect and store drinking water. Larisa Titek

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