DRR In 10 communities in Santo

The youth Empowering vulnerable communities project Phase 2 in Santo

was a success. The coordinator of the project said that 10 volunteers in Sanma Red Cross branch where involved in this small project to help carry out different activities.

It is a 6 - 7 moth project supported by the Meiji Jingu Worshiper association in japan and it help build up the Capacity of volunteering in Sanma Red cross and also the branch itself.

During the phase two of the project volunteers spend 5 days in each of the 10 communities to provides Disaster Risk Reduction activities. Volunteers also recruits two new volunteers from each of the 10 communities to join the Sanma Red Cross Volunteer Team.

Volunteers used their skills and training that where given by the Vanuatu red Cross to implement activities such has Red Cross dissemination, DRR activities and First Aid.

The Phase 3 of the project which involved First Aid Activities will be taking place next week before the final phase 4 of the projects with the volunteers.

The project will end in April 2017.