Through the Coastal Cities Climate Change Adaptation project and working closely with The Sanma Provincial Government, NDMO and Luganville Municipality plus other stakeholders a working group, called Luganville Resilience Coalition was created under the SANMA Provincial Disaster Committee in June 2017 .  In August, a training of facilitators was conducted by the Global Preparedness Center and external consultants to train members to carry out city wide assessment on community resilience through systems mapping of Luganville its communities and the effects climate change could have.  The Trainees ranged from Municipal Planners to NGO workers.

It is expected that the real-time assessment will be carried out by the Luganville Resilience Coalition under different SANMA Province clusters and with businesses separately.  Already the mapping has shown an intricate web of systems in the town with more than 40 stakeholders ranging from the Harbour Master to the pikiknini who attends school - everyone has a role to play in the day to day activities of a functioning town.


The mapping was commenced in September, but put on hold due to the people of Ambae requiring shelter, food and WASH support in Luganville. The Vanuatu Red Cross along with the majoritiy of the Luganville Resilience Coalition diverted their efforts to these more pressing issues.

It is expected to re-assess the Assessment completion timeframe, but the Luganville Resilience Coalition is still aiming to comple this work before Christmas and contribute to the Province and Municipal Council plans. Another result of the assessment will be the development of solutions for a stronger Luganville town with more resilient communities against climate change and other natural hazards

 Vanuatu is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate change and disaster risks. Our island nation experiences cyclones, storm surges, landslides, flooding and droughts, which may become more intense and less predictable in the future due to climate change. 

 There is a need to educate and prepare the communities against these increased risks. In Luganville effects of climate change are already evident in the acceleration of coastal erosion on the main road by the new and old wharves, business district, and la plaçe.   The areas of Pepsi at the shores of Sarakata River also experience a lot of flooding. 

Vanuatu Red Cross is honoured to be carrying out this project in conjunction with City and Government players.