On the 13 October 2016 was the World Disaster Risk Reduction Day in which all agencies put aside to remember and advocate on measures to Mitigate and preparing everyone to become resilient to face any disaster.
Major Organizations including NDMO, GIZ, Oxfam, World vision, Wan Small Bag theater, save the Children, Ministry of Agriculture, DRR working Group, Red Cross, Fire station, Pro medical and the Ministry of Climate change has taken the initiative to March starting at Anchoor Inn to Independence Park.

The March was led by the Vanuatu Mobile Force; school Kids and Volunteers to the Independence Park.

The Day was a successful day where Boot Camp where being set up by NDMO, Vanuatu Red Cross and other Organizations had Put up Disaster posters and awareness on different disaster, on how to prepare before, during and After Disaster. Also Red Cross has taken the initiative to show case some activities that Red Cross society has done with the communities and also services that we can provide to the communities such as First Aid Trainings.