Latest Update: Tropical Cyclone Ula


At 8:00pm local time, Severe Tropical Cyclone Ula (941 hPa) Category 4 was located at 20.8 degrees South 170.5 degrees East, about 95 KM southeast of Aneityum and 190 KM southeast of Tanna. Severe Tropical Cyclone Ula has moved in a southwest direction at 14 KM/HR in the past 3 hours.

Winds close to the center are estimated at 175 km/hr and continue to intensify. Expected position of the system in the next 6 hours will be near 22.6 degrees South 170.0 degrees East.

Damaging Strong to Gale force winds of 65 to 75 km/hr will continue to affect Anietyum, Futuna and south of Tanna tonight and slowlt decreasing as Tropical Cyclone Ula slowly moves southwards.

Heavy rain and possible flooding in low lying areas and areas close to the river banks including coastal flooding are expected. Very rough to phenomenal seas with heavy swells are also expected.

If they haven't already, Vanuatu Red Cross is urging people in TAFEA Province to move to safe shelter immediately, ensuring they take with them an emergency kit/supplies and that any elderly or disabled neighbours and/or family are accounted for. They should also listen for updated via radio broadcasts where possible.

Vanuatu Red Cross staff and volunteers are on standby with relief supplies in place should they be required.

Track Cyclone Ula's progress at Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-hazards Department

(Updated 9pm, January 10th)