Presidential Award Ceremony

Vanuatu Red Cross Society hosted a presidential award ceremony on Thursday, August 20th to recognise and celebrate the contribution made by members of their board and staff to their country. President Baldwin Londsdale, Head of State and Patron of Vanuatu Red Cross Society, was the guest of honour at the ceremony. His excellency presented award recipients with their medals whilst later participating in a traditional kava ceremony alongside Mr Ati George Sokamano who was also in attendance.  Mr Sokamano is Vanuatu's first elected president and the recently elected president of VRCS's board. CEO Jacqueline De Gaillande, of the award recipients, also addressed the guests during the evening. Vanuatu Red Cross Society's mission is to improve the lives of Vanuatu's most vulnerable communities. The evening helped the reinforce this mandate and further inspire the provision of humanitarian support to those most in need. 

Award Recipients: Easuary Deamer, Fred Kalkaua, Ellis Lee, Leiwaku Noah, Denny Manvoi, Xavier Kaliura Watt, Augustine Garae, Robert Luc Butal, Julien Lamberti, Seff Hakizimana, Hannington Alatoa, Jacqueline De Gaillande, Monica De Gaillande, Dickinson Tevi, Renie Anderson and Noel Philip.