VRCS AGM Elections

The newly elected board. Photo credit: Dickinson Tevi

Vanuatu Red Cross Society has elected its new board during its Annual General Meeting held last Friday, July 17, 2015. The first former Head of State of the Republic of Vanuatu in 1980, Ati George Sokomanu has been elected President of Vanuatu Red Cross Society. He succeeds former President and former Ombudsman Hannington Alatoa. Mr Sokomanu is a long time Red Cross member and volunteer and has served on the board previously. 

The outgoing board has completed its two-year term under the leadership of former president Alatoa. Vanuatu Red Cross Society are extremely grateful for the major developments achieved by this board. The newly elected board members are Monica Croccolo de Gaillande (Vice President), Jim Woodford (Secretary) , Easuary Deamer (Treasurer), Tony Deamer, Jack Himford, Sindy Metsan and Josette-Vallette.